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Warehousing and Shipping Services in Pekin, IL

Perfect for business or personal use, a Kriegsman Warehouses is the smart money alternative to mini-storage. Our new facility covers 285,000 square feet, making it the perfect place to store your valued goods. Our warehouse is operated only by highly-trained and certified Kriegsman employees and have features that cater to every possible need. These include:

• Indoor and outdoor storage facilities
• Truck high docks equipped with dock levelers
• Drive up door ramps for will call access
• Multi-format including rack, vault, and floor address
• Forklifts and handling equipment for even the most delicate items
• Secure, monitored and fire-protected
• Handling Capabilities Up To 100,000 Lbs.

Regional Trucking

With Kriegsman Warehouses, you get drivers with firsthand, first-rate knowledge of your area, an amazing level of service and all the capacity you need. It’s like having your own fleet—minus the expense. See just how far your business can go with Kriegsman Warehouses as your go to.

Foreign Trade Zone 114

An FTZ is an area designated by the US Department of Commerce and the US Customs and Border Protection as a location where companies can use special procedures that help encourage US activity and value added – in competition with foreign alternatives – by allowing delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise, as well as other savings.

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Kriegsman Warehouses
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